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One hub for order management and customer relationships

One Hub For Orders Management & Customers Relationships

make the switch start your digital journey with our procurement dashboard


Increased Business Volume Exposure

Better Communication for Better Business Relationships

Enhanced Efficiency & Quicker Response Times

Optimized Order Management

Paper-free. Hassle-free.


Say goodbye to long hours over the phone and never ending mails. Take the guesswork out of managing your order processing by integrating all your orders in one place onto the eighty6 dashboard

Deliver a seamless ordering experience


Scrap endless order sheets and stay connected with all your customers. Receive orders with detailed product IDs and delivery dates. Get orders done faster, get to sleep earlier.

No more Outdated Catalogs


Keep your catalog continually updated and ensure uninterrupted accuracy at all times

Instantly boost your sales


Advertise and promote your products and offers in-app. Communicate with your customers in a single broadcast, build relationships, and grow your business.

Optimized Order Management