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    Tag : Restaurant

    2022 Restaurant Trends: Revealed

    Published on 19/07/2023

    Over the past two years, the restaurant industry has gone through its toughest challenges yet. From almost no footfall for while to going digital, restaurant owners and food enthusiasts alike have managed..

    Solving Restaurant Supply Chain Challenges

    Published on 19/07/2023

    To run and sustain a successful restaurant business, restaurant owners will need to think out of the box. In a world that's constantly changing, your restaurant supply chain needs t..

    Bridging The Gap Between Restaurants And Suppliers

    Published on 19/07/2023

    In an ever-changing world, restaurant management certainly isn't easy. You have so much to account for, right from maintaining..

    Tips To Reduce Food Waste In Restaurants

    Published on 19/07/2023

    According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the direct economic consequences of food wastage amounts to around $750 billion..

    St. Patrick’s Day #1 Supplier in the UAE and KSA

    Published on 19/07/2023

    Eighty6 shop, the procurement platform that offers all the food supplies you need in order to prepare the best St. Patrick's Day menu. As St. Patrick's Day approaches, restaurants across..

    Best Chef Recepies

    Published on 19/07/2023

    As the weather warms up and spring is in full swing, April is a great time for chefs to experiment with fresh, seasonal ingredients and new flavor combinations. Here are some recipe..