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Introducing Eighty6, a newly released B2B application set to revolutionize the food procurement industry in the GCC

27 August 2021

Procurement in the foodservice industry and the search for suppliers is a tedious process that represents the largest cost category for restaurants, taking valuable time away from serving guests and generating revenue.
Eighty6 strives to make ordering and delivery easier and smoother by bridging the gap between restaurants and suppliers, allowing them to connect, communicate and build strategic relationships in one B2B online ecosystem. It also aims to reduce operating costs for both restaurants and suppliers by streamlining the ordering process, bringing greater efficiencies and profitability.
The founder of Eighty6 and Glee Hospitality, Abdul Kader Saadi, said: “Eighty6 aims to open an easier line of collaboration between restaurants and suppliers with the intent of making food ordering and management simpler and more efficient. It represents a win-win ecosystem for suppliers and restaurants, providing a balanced and efficient workflow for all stakeholders.”
The user-friendly app enables restaurants to search and review prices of products from multiple suppliers, allowing them to easily place and manage their orders. Its integrated dashboard helps suppliers grow their businesses, minimizing client acquisition costs.